A cryptocurrency-powered platform for Cloud Servers & Dedicated Hosting

About ServerWhere (SW)

We aim to increase the usability and the overall business value of cryptocurrencies by using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and other digital currencies as the primary and only payment methods. ServerWhere does business exclusively with cryptocurrencies. We calculate our IT infrastructure services - Cloud and Dedicated Server Hosting in Bitcoin.

SW's mission is to work for a digital market economy where individuals and small businesses compete and provide choices to consumers. Our vision is exactly the opposite of the ongoing corporatization of the technology markets and establishment of a digital economy controlled by the so-called 'Big Tech'.

We believe that Bitcoin and other digital currencies are the backbones of a wholly new kind of economy.

ServerWhere (SW) works for a digital market economy where individuals and small businesses compete and provide choices to consumers. Our vision is exactly the opposite of the ongoing corporatization of the technology markets and establishment of a digital economy controlled by the so-called 'Big Tech'.

We are a strong supporter of digital currencies. They provide individuals all over the world with the unique opportunity to create mutually beneficial economic relationships and support each other's financial wellness.

Cryptocurrencies - Payment Methods, Not Assets

The cryptocurrency industry created thousands of digital assets, some of them, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano, for example, possess real value, and thousands of others that can be considered "crypto junk". As of December 2022, there are almost 2 000 dead coins that ceased to exist. Some of them created hype, others not. However, without any doubt, the current non-mature state of the cryptocurrency industry is a playing field for speculation. Any investment in digital currencies is a huge risk compared to any other form of financial assets. "Assets" is the keyword for the proper understanding of the nature of cryptocurrencies.

Without regulations by the national states or any international bodies, any digital currency will be imminently characterized by high volatility, therefore will be a risky, unreliable asset. In fact, the whole cryptocurrency industry can cease to exist and die overnight. Although this is highly unlikely, it is very possible.

For this and many other reasons, we at SW, consider cryptocurrencies a payment method, not an asset. None of the popular cryptocurrencies presents any real value if it is only held in our wallets without being put into circulation. The higher the circulation of the cryptocurrency, the higher value it will have and the more stable it will be.

ServerWhere plays an important role in the overall stability and reliability of the cryptocurrency industry by spending Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies on daily basis. 95% of our expenses are covered by cryptocurrency payments.

Lower Payment Processing Fees

Each payment made by individuals and businesses for web hosting and cloud infrastructure services brings business to various financial institutions. Anywhere between 2% - 8% on each 100 currency units spent on intangible services - Web Hosting or Cloud IaaS for example - go into pockets of merchant providers, banks, and other financial institutions. Although these institutions are necessary when it comes to merchant activity in fiat currencies, they do not create value in the process of trade. It is the opposite. They do not give value to the merchants of intangible digital products and services, they take it. The result is higher costs of doing business for the online merchant and therefore higher prices of the services and products they sell.

ServerWhere's model to do business in cryptocurrencies removes the financial intermediaries from the trade process. Our business model does not reject their usage and importance. We use traditional financial institutions to convert crypto into fiat currencies and pay business and income taxes. However, we firmly believe that consumers and vendors can do business directly without the use of credit card companies and merchant account providers, and by doing that automatically increase the purchasing capacity of their digital assets by up to 8%.

Low, Virtually Zero Fraud Risk

When Users pay for web hosting services, such as cloud servers and dedicated Hosting, or any other digital services or products online, their financial data is always exposed to a risk, due to insecurities related to the nature of the Internet. WiFi networks are often unsecured, poorly secured, or compromised. There is an imminent risk of personal data being copied or stolen by intermediaries or fake online merchants. Although the cryptocurrency trade does not eliminate the latter, it adds to the overall security of the financial means, by processing one-off payments, securely held by users into their cryptocurrency wallets.

It is much easier to secure a cryptocurrency wallet and subsequently keep operating it securely, compared to the maintenance of the security of a credit card. Many credit card issuers provide advanced security, such as geolocation during the payment process, credit card lock-in for online payments, and other options. Still, unlike the simple cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency water payments, the overall use of credit card payments requires a management effort both at the client's and merchant's end.

When a user pays from their crypto wallet, they know that they have authorized the payment. On the other side, the merchant knows that the payment comes from the specific person who agreed to purchase a digital item and is not exposed to any risk, resulting from stolen credit card data. The fraud risk is virtually reduced to zero, both for the users and merchants.

100% Personal Data Privacy - Private Means Private

For compliance reasons ServerWhere.com collects some personal data, such as the client's name, email address, physical address, and phone number, our clients are not forced to provide this data as they are when they buy IT infrastructure services from companies who accept fiat currencies.

ServerWhere does not require scanned copies of passports, ID cards, or driver's licenses to be presented to do identity verification and fraud checks. As there are no financial intermediaries between ServerWhere.com and our clients, we do have an obligation to process the personal data they provide to us, to any 3rd parties.

Private means private on the ServerWhere.com platform. Unless any client of SW is involved in criminal activity, and unless we do not receive a legitimate request by a law enforcement authority, authorized by the court in the appropriate jurisdiction, we are not obliged and for this reason, do not share the personal data of our Users with anyone.

ServerWhere.com also does not report your cryptocurrency transactions to your local tax authorities. Although we are fully compliant with international laws and the best e-commerce practices and although we pay taxes as required by the law, we do not report your spending to any tax authorities and therefore do not disclose your personal data.

No Forced Payments, No Financial Abuse

Due to the nature of digital currency payments and the fact that you have 100% control over your wallet and crypto finances, ServerWhere (SW) cannot and therefore will never force you to make a payment. All services we provide are delivered on a monthly contract or any other contractual term agreed upon and prepaid. We do not bill our clients and do not process payment upon the expiration of the service subscription.

All payments are manual. The decision to make a payment is made 100% by our clients. This has an important implication for the relationship between ServerWhere as a provider and any of our clients. SW must always provide the best possible service with the best possible quality to keep the client happy.

Providers, who bill in fiat currencies and possess the client's credit card details or have an agreement to charge a bank account or any other account can charge and charge customers at any time, for 'Usage'. On many occasions, the so-called 'Usage' (use of overage bandwidth or IOPS for example) is virtually unprovable to the customer, hard to justify, or a result of financial abuse, conducted at the provider's end. The Cloud services providers, however, justify Usage charges by referring to their Terms of Service (TOS) that their clients agreed with upon sign-up. Most of the clients, however, never read the provider's Terms of Service in full, or the TOS themselves are subject to amendment at the provider's sole discretion at any time.

ServerWhere's interest is to deliver SLA-based quality service which is based on transparent Terms of Service may not result in charging the client more than one has agreed to pay. For this reason, the whole structure of our web hosting services - Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, VPS, VPN, and other services are created to be delivered under a monthly flat fee. This has a positive impact on the client's account. SW's Clients always pay a flat fee in their preferred cryptocurrency and have full control over the service usage and their monthly bill.

ServerWhere.com (SW) is a cryptocurrency-powered platform for the delivery of Cloud Servers & Dedicated Hosting services. We bring together many providers of computing resources, such as IPv4 and IPv6 resources, autonomous internet networks, and cloud infrastructures to design and deliver quality Cloud Server IaaS and Dedicated Hosting on a global scale. In addition to the NOC partners who participate in SW's ecosystem, ServerWhere itself through 3 separate business entities, has added to the cloud service & dedicated hosting platform approximately 20,000 IPv4 addresses, Cloud infrastructure, and 1 Terabit combined network capacity in data centers located in North America, Europe, and Singapore.

The founders of ServerWhere have been working in the Web hosting industry as data center professionals, virtualization engineers, systems administrators, and business executives for almost 3 decades. Our team has a physical presence in 3 geolocations - New York, London, and Singapore.