Cloud Servers & Dedicated Hosting - Why ServerWhere?

1. Global IT Ecosystem & High Quality Services

ServerWhere (SW) provides Cloud infrastructure and physical Dedicated Servers in 50 data centers on 6 continents. We are the world's premier provider of quality Cloud services and 10 GigE Dedicated Servers charged in cryptocurrencies. SW does compromise with the quality of the services. When you spend money with us, you get the highest possible quality at the best possible price. SW owns and operates a number of IPv4 and IPv6 networks, which we use to create custom-built Cloud and Bare-Metal IT infrastructure environments.

2. We Support Crypto Economy

We are huge supporters of cryptocurrencies. For this reason, we don't accept fiat currencies. It is our firm belief that Bitcoin - or any other cryptocurrency chosen by individuals worldwide by mutual consensus - should become an everyday digital currency and a widely recognized global digital currency standard. We also support all major, well-established digital currencies, because they give their owners the freedom they need.

3. High Performance, High Availability, Failover

We do not offer low-quality virtual and dedicated servers. Our Dedicated Hosting services and Cloud Servers are created for high performance and therefore come with a Cloud computing native functionality, such as high availability and failover.

4. Technical Support Is Free

Unlike the major corporate cloud service providers - ASW, Azure, or anyone else - we do not charge for technical support. We find it unjustified and morally corrupt, for IT infrastructure companies to charge customers a separate fee for server-side and infrastructure technical support for the Cloud services that they have just sold to them. When you use ServerWhere's infrastructure services, you save at least $100 per month.

5. Transparent Pricing & Fixed Monthly Costs

Our clients have full control over their monthly service bills. We do not charge for Internet traffic beyond the correct amount of used data transfer you have used. Our Terms of Service are simple! We do not divide the incoming and outgoing traffic, just to make things hard to understand. Each and every Cloud and Dedicated server comes with a certain data transfer quota and Internet bandwidth. "Data Transfer" quota is the amount of Incoming and outgoing data transmitted through the Internet connection port, measured in Terabytes (TB). The "Bandwidth" is the capacity of the Internet connection port that has been provisioned to your account and connected to your server. Our clients can monitor the used data transfer in terabytes (TB) and its equivalent in Megabits per second (Mbps) through a dedicated network monitoring interface. So they always know how much data transfer they use. Any overage data transfer is charged a service fee. It depends on the service location and is specified in the client's account at the time of the signup. Our clients have full control over their costs and always know how much they pay and what they are paying for.