New York Cloud Servers With High Availability

New York Cloud Servers
  • May 25, 2022
  • Cloud Server Hosting

High Availability Added To SW's New York-based Cloud Server Plans

ServerWhere has added High Availability as a default feature to all Private and Public Cloud Server infrastructure services, delivered from its New York virtual data center.

The High Availability function is a form of failover service that offers increased IT service availability and reduces Cloud infrastructure and application downtime.

All SW's Cloud IaaS services hosted in New York-based now feature cost-effective protection against downtime. In case of downtime of the underlying physical infrastructure or an Operating System failure, the failover function automatically restarts the server on another node, part of the SW's Cloud infrastructure. All workflows restore automatically within a few minutes. All application services delivered from the Cloud server resume automatically. There is no need for a manual server reboot.

SW began offering Failover Cloud Servers in January 2021. Since then we have expanded our Cloud Iaas offerings and as of May 2022, we deliver Public and Private IT infrastructure as a service from data centers in Chicago, New York, San Jose, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Warsaw, Poland, Singapore, and Sydney.'s cryptocurrency payments-based IaaS platform is also among the global leaders in the market for delivering Dedicated Hosting services connected to 10-gigabit Internet ports. The company offers dedicated servers with a 10 Gbps network in Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Bend (OR), Charlotte, Dallas, Frankfurt, Helsinki, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Montreal, and Toronto.